Public Relations

Documenting your brand’s story and clearly communicating it to the media supports sales efforts at the distributor and retail level. More coverage for your brand means more likelihood that your partners see you as ready for market.

We pitch stories placements and, most importantly, reviews to consumer and trade press in order to support sales efforts.

Ensuring the brand is included in all scheduled pertinent stories.

We create and maintain information on your US version website.

Submitting product (sample sizes) for ratings, ship and follow-up.

Press releases and reviews are graphically laid out for distribution to wholesaler division managers and circulated to aid sales efforts. These files are also placed on the brand website for easy download by distributors/retailers.

Trade and consumer tasting event, expos and distributor activations.

Accessing suitable advertising/sponsorship opportunities, running RFPs, comparing and negotiating rates and making detailed recommendations to brand management.